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New Music.

2009-07-03 14:18:05 by Warp15

Not that anyone cares, but i've just come out with my first 3 songs! "Fields of Running" is a techno loop, "Unjust Sympathy" is a grungy song with lots of bass, and "Changing Mediums" is a mix of techno and trance. As of right now, I'm just using garageband because Logic Pro is a little bit on the expensive side for me and my MAC computer. I appreciate all comments, ratings, reviews, and listens so go check out all my music!


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2009-07-03 14:38:17

Voted on all of them, not bad :) Keep progressing.

Warp15 responds:

Hey thanks man! I just made 2 other tracks, I think "Late Night Progress" is my best song so far. So check 'em out :D

Thanks Again!,