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Late Night Progress

2009-07-05 23:21:48 by Warp15

Again, not that anyone really cares, but i just came out with a new song. Its called "Late Night Progress" and its definitely my best work so far. The song took me about 4 hours to put together and I realize it may not be perfect but hey newbie's have to learn, right? Go check it out! Rates, Listens, Reviews and Feedback are always much appreciated. While your at it, go check out some of my other music to. :D. Thanks for listening and enjoy!




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2009-07-07 00:43:21

do I know you?


2009-07-07 00:44:00

p.s. nice music

Warp15 responds:

thanks dude, go review my song "Fields of Running" apprently its the best one.


2009-07-07 02:10:22

when did you start making music? I never realized you did any of that

Warp15 responds:

ive been doing it for about a month now...ish